Flat Blanking

Flat blanking is the process of stamping out the edge dimensions of a product from a piece of sheet metal or non-metallic material.  At Boker’s this can be done in a variety of ways depending on the specific project.  Flat blanking with a specific stage tool allows for a part to be passed on to additional machinery (punch press, press brake, etc.) for additional processing (piercingforming, etc.). A compound stage tool can be used for flat blanking while performing additional operations simultaneously.  Another option is using a progressive die tool that allows the products to be created from a strip of material that is fed through multiple stages in an automated fashion.

Whatever your flat blanking needs may be Boker’s can provide the optimum solution. Boker’s, Inc. provides “complete to print” production of complex metal blanks and piercings. Utilizing a CadCam drawing system, 70 different punch presses, and digital servo feeders. Boker’s begins with flat metal sheets, flat non-metallic sheets or coiled reels that produce your most complex metal blanks with piercings. Finishing operations available, with services that include machining, heat treating, and plating. Boker’s in-house tooling, with up to 220 ton capacity, enables them to produce metal stampings in thicknesses from 0.005″ to 0.190″ and sizes up to 12” x 12” flat.

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