Chemically Resistant Flat Washers and Spacers

Boker’s, Inc. provides washers and spacers made from a variety of chemically resistant materials. Many harsh environments require washers to withstand a variety of chemicals and abrasive, corrosive, high purity, or viscous fluids. Boker’s chemically resistant products provide manufactures with access to washers and spacers fit for their specific applications.

To obtain a washer or spacer quote simply fill out Boker’s fast quote form and submit with appropriate material type and washer specifications.

Chemically resistant flat washers and spacers:

Fluoroplastics are a class of paraffinic polymers that have hydrogen atoms replaced by fluorine atoms. Much of the material is chemically inert.  The fluoroplastic group has excellent chemical resistance, excellent heat resistance, good electrical properties, and excellent wear resistance.  Washers and spacers made from Fluoroplastics include:

  • ETFE Washers and Spacers
  • FEP Washers and Spacers
  • PCTFE Washers and Spacers
  • PFA Washers and Spacers
  • PTFE Washers and Spacers
  • PVDF Washers and Spacers
  • PVF Washers and Spacers


This group of materials consists of two compounds, a thermosetting resin and a reinforcing matrix. Resin commonly used are phenolic, epoxy, melamines, silicone, polyester and PTFE. Reinforcing materials include paper, fine weave cotton cloth (linen), coarse weave cotton cloth (canvas), glass fibers, nylon cloth, and various chopped fibers to provide omni-directional high strength to weight ratios. These materials have good dielectric strength and constants, dimensional stability, machinability and chemical resistance. Both tensile and compressive strength are high and some combinations offer high temperature and arc resistance.

For Washers and Spacers made from laminates contact Boker’s with your specific material specifications.

As a general class of plastics, these materials are noted for outstanding dielectric properties, excellent chemical resistance to solvents, acids, and alkalis, toughness, good barrier properties, their relative adaptability to various processing techniques.  Washers and spacers made from polyolefins include:
Polyethylene Washers and Spacers
Polypropylene Washers and Spacers

PVC is the plastic most customized by compounding with special materials to achieve special properties. Additives are blended with straight PVC to stabilize against heat, light and oxygen. Plasticizers are added to make it flexible and impact modifiers help it to be used as pipe, fittings, and container material. Rigid PVC exhibits excellent chemical resistance and also has good machining properties and is self-extinguishing.
PVC Washers

ABS has excellent impact resistance. UL rated slow burning and self-extinguishing. Not affected by moisture. Good dimensional stability, Resistant to most chemicals and solvents. Electrical properties remain constant over a wide range of frequencies.       
ABS Washers and Spacers

Boker’s chemically resistant washers and spacers are used in a variety of industries such as and not limited to agriculture, semiconductor, medical, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, automotive and aerospace.

Chemically resistant washers are shipped with REACH compliance documentation when requested.  REACH is the European Community Regulation involving the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemical substances. Most chemically resistant washers are REACH compliant, depending upon the specific material specification.

In addition to chemically resistant materials—and over 2,000 total material variations—Boker’s provides endless washer and spacer possibilities with thousands non-standard flat washer and spacer sizes available without tooling charges. Outside diameters range from 0.08″ to 5.140″, and washers and spacers are available in a broad variety of inside diameters and thicknesses.

To obtain a washer or spacer quote simply fill out Boker’s fast quote form and submit with appropriate material type and washer specifications.