D Washers

Boker’s is a leading stamping manufacturer of D-washers.

D-washers get their name based on the “D” shape that is created by having a flat edge on either the OD, the ID or a combination of both. D-washers provide a flat bearing surface and are used under the head of a bolt and / or a nut to disperse loads as well as prevent the washer from turning in the application. They are generally mounted with the flat edge of the washer facing a flat surface or recessed hole.

Many applications require D-washers and they are used in many industries such as automotive, marine, aerospace, medical and countless more. D-washers, also referred to as clipped washers, are generally used in applications where space limitations do not allow the use of a flat round washer and/or when keeping an assembly stationary is required.

Boker’s D-washers are custom produced in short, medium and long runs with fast delivery, minimal tool cost and 3D prototypes available. For your application specific quote please submit your specifications by using our fast quote form.

D Washers
“D” Shape

“D” Shape-2

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