Finishing Washers

Boker’s provides custom finishing washers, giving assembly applications a more precise, high-quality look and complete finish. Finishing washers, also referred to as countersunk washers, provide a flush surface and are custom manufactured in several common styles including:  90 degree, angle, flanged, un-flanged and rolled flange.

In addition to achieving a secure finished appearance and fit for fasteners, finishing washers offer additional functionalities, including:  locking, sealing, insulating, load distribution, added strength and rigidity. This provides a safeguard for continuous performance.

Finishing washers assure a lasting bond that can be easily unfastened for repair without damage to the substrate. When a proof of concept for a specific design is needed, Boker’s has 3D printing model capabilities.

For complete customization, Boker’s offers a wide range of metallic materials such as low-carbon steel, spring steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper and nickel silver. Finishing services include chrome, nickel and zinc plating, anodizing, polishing, plus more.

With a commitment to fast delivery and world-class customer service, Boker’s “Just-In-Time” (J.I.T.) and “Dock-to-Stock” programs meet flexible delivery and stocking requirements. In case of an urgent requirement, orders can also be expedited for even faster delivery. Orders require a minimum production run of 100 pieces, which is optimal for prototype production and short run applications.

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