Square Washers

Boker’s, Inc. offers complete production of non-standard and customized square and rectangular washers and spacers designed to provide secure fastening, turn resistance and load distribution—even in the tightest clearances. Boker’s square and rectangular washers are available in a wide range of materials, bolt and I.D. sizes, in O.D. sizes up to 12” x 12” (30.5 cm x 30.5 cm), and in thicknesses ranging from .005” to .190” (.127 mm to 4.8 mm).

“Like round washers, square washers are often used to distribute torque loads in secure fastening applications,” said Chuck Kersey, Assistant Sales Manager. “But precision stamped square and rectangular washers offer the added advantage of being able to work in more restricted spaces and can be used to provide edge-to-edge contact to resist turning.” These products extend into many designs, from slotted hole square plate washers, to those with rounded outside corners. Kersey added that in general, square washers offer excellent fastening friction, and provide reliable connection security in crevice, channel and Unistrut-style applications.

In addition, square washers are also widely used as shims, separating the bolt crown from what is being anchored, reducing the possibilities of deformity when tightening, and helping to keep joining surfaces undamaged. This bushing or packing approach is often used in the construction industry or in applications to act as a force-countering support in fastener rods and complex part profiles.

Square and rectangular washers are often emerging as a higher-performance alternative to round washers in a diverse array of applications subject to vibration forces, ranging from industrial machinery to aerospace, from washing machines to automobiles. By effectively expanding the diameter of the bolt’s head, square washers offer greater dispersal of load and turning resistance in many applications, helping maintain fastening integrity, and protecting and prolonging the life of connected parts.

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