Wave Spring Washers

Boker’s is a leading stamping manufacturer of wave spring washers. Wave spring washers, also called wave washers, generally have several curvilinear lobes. The wave spring washer is an efficient washer for obtaining loads when the load is static or the working range is small and the amount of axial space is limited. Wave spring washers often have three, four, or six waves, however, any number of waves can be produced. By increasing the number of waves, the thickness can be reduced for a given load at the expense of decreasing the amount of deflection and increasing the radial stress. Wave uniformity is important because the load rate doesn’t begin until all waves are evenly loaded.

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Custom Wave Spring Washers
Wave Spring-Washers
Cylindrically Curved Spring


Types of Custom Washers Manufactured by Boker’s.

Need a custom washer? There are literally an infinite number of custom washer types that Boker’s can produce. You can send your custom stamping illustrations/specifications to Boker’s for a specific custom washer type by using our fast quote form.

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